Modular Building  and Enclosures

Innovative Building Solutions recognizes that today, more than ever, the need to design your facilities to meet changing business requirements necessitates flexible, cost-effective modular building and enclosure solutions.

Metal Buildings

Innovative Building Solutions is partnered with Star Building Systems – a leading manufacturer of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use. As an authorized Star Builder, IBS has an unsurpassed reputation for quality…quality products, quality construction and quality relationships. The end result for our customer is a building solution that meets and exceeds their expectations, from start to finish.

Pre-Assembled Buildings

Innovative Building Solutions Pre-Assembled Buildings are the most cost-effective way to quickly construct smaller spaces for a variety of needs, indoor and outdoor. IBS is an official supplier and installer, providing you with end-to-end solutions so you can concentrate on preparing for when it will be done and ready for use. Pre-assembled buildings have been used as a guard house, smoking shelter, parking booth, pay-and-display shelter, cashier booth, bus shelter, passageway, tollbooth, gate house, equipment shelter, ticket booth, trailer booth and many other portable building purposes.

Environmental Rooms

Innovative Building Solutions Environmental rooms offer the ideal defense against bacteria, dirt and dust particles along with a choice of interior wall finishes- stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. Designs can include complete mechanical packages for critical humidity and temperature control. Rooms up to 40´ high and 70´ clear spans with custom conveyor openings available. Retrofit to existing or build concurrently with new system.

Mezzanines and Platforms

Innovative Building Solutions Mezzanines are a practical, cost-effective solution for maximizing your existing facility space without incurring the usual costs associated with expansion or renovation. Add a second or third level inside your facility and turn wasted area into usable space.

Indoor Fencing and Guardrails

Innovative Building Solutions Indoor fencing and Guard provides you with a variety of solutions to fit your area and safety requirements. A safe environment for personnel and equipment is an IBS value. We offer retrofitting to new safety rails and to existing structures. Our manufacturers have mounting gear adaptable to a variety of surfaces. We will provide hardware and installation services to complete the job; or arrange for the materials to be shipped directly.


IBS has the ability to supply simple to complex custom fabrication services. Taking the customers idea from concept, to design, to a quality product is our goal. We strive to think outside the box and utilize the latest in cutting, machining, and metallurgy to develop the manufactured goods.

Other Building Products

Innovative Building Solutions also supplies other important building types and applications like these:

  • Communications Buildings
  • Personnel Shelters
  • Smoking Shelters
  • Raised-access Flooring
  • Warehouse Pallet Rack Shelving

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