Mezzanines and Platforms

Mezzanines and Platforms

Innovative Building Solutions Mezzanines are a practical and cost-effective solution to maximize your existing facility space. Add a second or third level inside your facility and turn wasted space into productive area. All without incurring high cost from expansion or renovation.

Stairways and Landings

Innovative Building Solutions professionally engineers custom stairway configurations and sizes to meet your exact needs and to fit IBC, IBU and OSHA standards. Innovative Building Solutions uses load-tested and approved quality materials to ensure stability in all stairway and landing applications.

Ladders and Cages

Innovative Building Solutions Cubic Ladders and Cages are all OSHA compliant to be used anywhere safe vertical climbing and landing access is required. Quality constructed ladders are shipped ready for installation. The inherent strength of our system, simple design, and our years of experience allow us to complete the most complicated projects with ease. Our cages include woven wire partitions that are welded, modular, stackable, and unequaled in the industry.


Innovative Building Solutions will custom design access crossovers to accommodate any and all of your process line requirements

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