Other Building Products

Personal Shelters

Innovative Building Solutions makes a wide variety of toll booth, parking and weather protection for our customers. Since our buildings are shipped completely assembled, we eliminate considerable downtime if you built your booth with conventional construction methods.

We create buildings that meet your needs in both form and function. Time-tested construction methods ensure a booth built to your specifications will fit any parking application.

Smoking Shelters

Innovative Building Solutions supplies smoking shelters to comply with increasingly stringent state and local laws to keep your facility in accordance with the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Communications Buildings

Innovative Building Solutions communication buildings and above ground enclosures offer handsome looks and superior versatility. A wide variety of sizes, exterior finishes and roof styles create enclosure which complement its surroundings, (a huge benefit when applying for building approval). However, the true beauty lies in its construction. The lightweight but sturdy material make them easy and economical to ship and install.

Other Building Products

Innovative Building Solutions supplies other important building types and applications:

  • Communications Buildings
  • Personnel Shelters
  • Smoking Shelters
  • Raised-access Flooring
  • Warehouse Pallet Rack Shelving

Access Flooring

Innovative Building Solutions integrates access flooring for almost any application. Whether you require a floor system with under-floor power, voice, data, or HVAC we can accommodate you.

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